Projectors and TVs may have more than enough differences with their respective pros and cons such as varying resolutions, maintenance needs, screen sizes, brightness and contrast levels. Regardless of all these, one thing that remains constant is the fact that every home needs them. This article is not going to be focusing on the differences and comparison between a projector and a TV but rather share with you, the best of both worlds. The most reliable and recommended projectors and TVs for your home.

- Flat 65" 4K UHD 8 Series Smart LED TV -
samsung uhd 8
PRICE: 894.44 $

This 65 inches television is a five star one as it delivers ultra-high definition at a top notch resolution of 4K and is loaded with features such as voice control browsing, high picture quality as well as sound quality.


Great black levels which improves overall picture quality as the darker the black level of a TV is, the better the colors of images on it would look.

Good motion quality 

Its remote control is multifunctional, with its ability to easily connect and control all of the other devices and electronics you connect to your TV.

Apps interface is easy to navigate

Out of the box set up is quite easy


Picture quality tends to drop when you are viewing from the side

If it won’t be mounted on the wall, its stand is not so sturdy

It has its speakers at the back and so while the sound quality might be great, it doesn’t exactly extend beyond the room.

There are so many things to love about a projector. Affordable? You’ve got it. Resolution? Screen size? You’ve got those too. And with the Epson home cinema 1060, you get even more. With a built-in speaker, brightness, full wide screen, compatibility with other devices, this projector is definitely one to have. If you want a minimal cost projector for your home, this should top the list. Pros and Cons? We’ve got you covered


Brightness and color accuracy

USB key

Has an inbuilt Wi-Fi 

Quick and very easy setup process


contrast and black level is relatively low 

speaker is not so loud.

Only two HDMI ports

- Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p projector -
PRICE: 549.99 $
- T65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2018 Model) -
PRICE: 649.99 $

With a display size of 65 inches and a resolution of 4K UHD, this television gives sharp contrast and highlights. It has three HDMI ports that allows for easy connection to other devices and gadgets. It also features a remote that lets you change channels and select options with your voice!


Picture and sound quality

A clean look 

Menu is easy to navigate

Wi-Fi capable of getting even the lowest signals


Its screen uniformity is quite weak

Its viewing angle is not very wide and gets especially narrow from the sides

With a sleek and slim design, the Samsung UN50NU7100 UHD 7 series television gives a wide range of colors as well as good color uniformity. It comes with a classy and sturdy stands that makes placement comfortable as well as hooks that enable its mounting onto the wall.


It has an excellent picture contrast as well as its color accuracy

Dark scenes come out really well on it

It is adapted for internet use as it has a web browser

Very easy to use



Its black level is not constant as it regularly shifts especially when the TV is not being viewed from the center

Its viewing angle is quite poor as picture quality fadesfrom the side.

Picture quality reduces when movies are streamed

- Flat 50" 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018 -
PRICE: 414.00 $
- 1080P DLP Home Theater Projector -
PRICE: 693.00 $

This home theatre projector is one with a full HD as well as a long zoom range and it easily gets a 5 star for giving quality at its cost. It has two HDMI inputs as well as two USB ports


It gives well saturated images with its deep and rich black levels

Easy to set up, adjustand use

Its long and large zoom range allows for screen size to be easily adjustable

Its remote control has a well-placed layout and has a backlit which makes it easy to use in the dark

Scenes with fast motion do not get blurry


Its lamp is dim making it not very suitable for brightly lit rooms

As the projector ages, its lamp has to be replaced and the replacement price for this is one of the most expensive of all other projectors in its price range.

Another BenQ projector that makes home viewing just as interesting, this BenQ MH530 FHD projector literally gives picture perfect images with its long lasting projector lamp. It has a dual HDMI input for connectivity and streaming


Its high contrast and saturation ensures that even the most subtle detail on screen can be captured

Its lamp can last for as long as 10,000 hours

Setup is very easy


It gives a rainbow effect for certain viewings

Audio effect is not so strong as it is just 2 watts

- 1080p 3300 Lumens DLP Home Theater Video Projector - Home Entertainment Series -
PRICE: 433.92 $

Projectors and TVs are a staple for every home and if you are looking to purchase high quality ones without burning a hole in your wallet, then you should make a choice from the ones above and give yourself and your family the ultimate viewing experience.

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