Nothing beats the summer heat more than a fun cookout with barbeque sessions in your backyard, whether you’re having a pool party or a Sunday brunch. Food is essential and tastes even better when made in the company of friends and family. If you are someone who loves to entertain large groups of people at home, or having a cookout in summers with your family, you should consider creating an outdoor kitchen area.

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Outdoor kitchen designs have become very popular in the home building section in the last few years since the experience of cooking outdoors is completely different. However, the best way to spruce up your backyard into a space for entertainment and relaxation is to build an outdoor kitchen rather than buy one. We’ll walk you through how to build it from scratch and what all outdoor kitchen ideas to include.

First, decide how elaborate you want your outdoor kitchen to be, since they are more casual than indoor kitchens. If you like to eat while enjoying the outdoors, then you will require or rather want, larger storage and dining space.

Though most outdoor grills do not require a vent, if it’s built as an indoor setup, it will require a vent to allow the smoke to escape. Even a louvre door can keep the kitchen mess separate from the dining area and away from the eyes of the guests. If you have enough space in your backyard, then consider getting yourself a good quality barbeque grill, a 6 feet long counter and a well-designed patio set.

A grill and counter space for preparing the food is important, but maybe some things like a refrigerator and sink aren’t. However, including them can also make your outdoor kitchen self-sufficient.

Outdoor kitchen designs can also have a colour scheme, just like the rest of your house and you must plan it in such a way, so that when it comes to choosing the tiles, colours and materials for all your outdoor kitchen and paraphernalia, you get what you want along with functionality. An existing patio is a great foundation to begin your outdoor kitchen journey with.

According to the placement of the patio in the backyard, you can add a barbeque grill, counters and other such elements without making too many modifications. Make sure that the spot you choose will accommodate everything you want the kitchen to have. Most outdoor kitchens have the following:


Make sure you choose a grill that works with the amount of space you have in your outdoor kitchen. If space permits, you can also have a side burner or shelf that adds length to your kitchen island. Whatever grill you choose, should be placed in such a way that it blows the smoke away from the house and not inside it.

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Decide according to the space you have, and how many people you can entertain at home on a regular basis. Make sure, whatever set up you choose, leave some space for mobility and ensure that the place doesn’t look too cramped. The best outdoor kitchen idea for a seating arrangement is getting counters with high stools that provide enough space and offer sufficient leg space.

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Kitchen counter

If you are planning to make a second kitchen outdoors, you will need an ample amount of countertop space to take care of your preparations and keep your appliances.

Structure of the kitchen

The grill you have chosen, will be the heart of your outdoor kitchen. Arrange your items and kitchen layout in such a way that the grill occupies a prime position in the structure. Make sure everything around the grill is easily accessible and don’t forget your grilling essentials like your tongs, spatulas and other utensils.


Storage space

Many outdoor kitchen designs allow for custom made storage cabinets with waterproof finishing. Find your outdoor kitchen a modular, lightweight cabinet system that is inexpensive and complements the other landscape elements outdoors.

Sink and refrigerator

Get your kitchen stainless steel sinks that don’t corrode, and as far as refrigerators are concerned, get the undercounter units that are popular in outdoor kitchen designs since you won’t require a huge refrigerator and won’t be storing too much anyway.

Power requirements

The most essential component of any outdoor kitchen is the power supply since you will need electricity, water and natural gas lines, usually brought in from inside the house. Besides that, the power supply plan should be included in the layout itself to power appliances and kitchen lights as well as the dining area lights.

There are many outdoor kitchen ideas and outdoor kitchen designs you can choose from and implement. However, the fun part is building the outdoor kitchen with the ideas that you have, right from scratch, just the way you want. Just keep these pointers in mind so you can have a smooth sailing outdoor kitchen building process and be prepared for the summers. 

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