Winter has gone, and now it’s time for you to stop hibernating and enjoy the outdoor sun this summer. Who needs a long, expensive vacation on a beach, when you can enjoy the sun in your backyard?

A few years ago, your backyard was the forgotten part of the house with grass that hadn’t been trimmed and dried leaves everywhere, and you only concentrated on making your indoors look beautiful.  But now, outdoors have been as important as indoor and it’s a great time to spruce up your outdoor space with some beautiful patio furniture. In the outdoor space, let your imagination run wild!

wooden armchair

Selecting the perfect patio set for your backyard can be a bit tricky. First and foremost, it’s better to figure out your patio dimensions so that you can buy something more proportionate to the space available. Secondly, make sure you get the material of the patio set right. Remember, this set of furniture has to lie outside for a while, so it’s better to invest in a material that will survive all seasons.

Thirdly, consider the aesthetics of the furniture and don’t be afraid to mix and match your space and furniture. Ultimately, it is you who as to spend time in your backyard, so you might as well streamline it in a way that makes you want to spend some time in the sun.


However, the most important factor while choosing patio furniture is to figure out how you are planning to use your outdoor space. When you imagine the backyard looking a certain way, always try and envision what you see yourself doing there.  There are various different types of patio sets, and your decision all boils down to – how you plan on using the space outdoor.

Patio Furniture for Entertainment – Barbeques, brunches, dinner and bonfire nights –

You can use your backyard for a Barbeque, brunch, or a dinner party where your guests can enjoy their summers. It’s a great place to catch up with friends over mimosas and even engage in a good conversation over coffee. Whatever the occasion it may be, choose a furniture set or sets with those comfortable sofas to lounge on or a dining table with benches or foldable chairs. We recommend these :

PRICE: 560.00$

This set is ideal for your patio and backyard decor. It is made with all weather wicker, and hand weaved rust upholstery that will complement the natural surroundings in your yard. It is constructed out of a heavy duty steel frame, that includes a center table, two conversation chairs, one loveseat, and cushions as well.

This set offers both durability and style and will give your backyard the feeling of elegant dining.  This set includes eight stacking armchairs and a square dining table. Made of ‘Eucalyptus Grandis’ wood, the physical, as well as mechanical characteristics of this set, are designed for outdoors but can also be used indoors to give your home a contemporary touch.

patio set 02
PRICE: 1,482.58$
PRICE: 709.99$

This patio set is modern and simply designed to suit your interests and outdoor space. It can be arranged in any way and is made from a sturdy steel frame. The sofa fabric is UV resistant and waterproof and durable. The set is easy to move around, clean and replace and just a common household cleaning liquid will do. This design is apt for both indoor and outdoor seating, and the bright turquoise cushions add to the brightness in your outdoor space.

Patio furniture for your Relaxation – What better way is there to enjoy your summer break but lounge in your pool all day long and work on that fantastic tan.

Whether you’re all by yourself or having a pool party with your friends, the decor of your backyard can make or break the summer vibes. Here are some patio furniture sets that we recommend, so that you can beat the heat this summer :

swimming pool

This patio set has an extra wide seat with padded cushions for a more comfortable experience and is perfect for your backyard if you don’t want too much clutter around the poolside. This set is also great if you wish to use it for your front porch and even indoors. Made with powder coated still and UV resistant fabric, these chairs and light and portable so you can sit and enjoy your coffee in any part of the house.

relaxing set 01
PRICE: 148.13$
PRICE: 342.56$

This patio set has high standards in terms of quality and services. This set can comfortably seat 4 to 5 people, and the construction is sturdy and enough to bear any amount of weight. It is the perfect patio set for your garden, backyard, poolside and even balconies so that you can make the most of your leisure time.

This set has been constructed from dark brown wicker, which is a durable material that is great for your outdoor setup. It includes 8 round sofa chairs that create a round seating area with plush cushions that provide extra comfort to you and your guests. It is perfect for your pool deck, and it adds to the elegance of your backyard.

relaxing set 03
PRICE: 1,182.86$
relaxing set 04
PRICE: 309.99$

This is a compact patio set with a retractable canopy and durable steel frame that is perfect for your outdoor usage at your pool deck or balcony in your apartment. Its adjustable canopy can be used as desired, and the set itself is lightweight and hence, fairly portable.

Whatever the nature of your backyard, pool deck, porch or apartment balcony, if you are really someone who wants to enjoy their summer to the fullest, these patio sets are here to add to the fun. So choose the patio set that best reflects your style, and sit back, relax and soak up the summer sun.

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