Smart home gadgets are currently a trendy way to deck out your home but investing in the wrong ones might end up costing you in all the wrong ways. Apple has recently jumped on the smart home train, but their Apple HomePod is far from a drop in the bucket. If you love the idea of smart entertainment, incredible functionality, and home improvement, don’t fret! Keep reading for budget-friendly options that compare to the Apple HomePod in every way but the price tag.

The Apple HomePod is deemed the “ultimate music authority.” You’ll be instantly connected to Siri and superior audio technology with this awesome speaker. This entertainment system, however, comes in at $349, which can make it a bit of a stretch for some people’s budget capabilities. The HomePod works best for those who utilize Apple Music and purchase all their music through iTunes as those are the primary audio sources on the device. AirPlay also offers the ability to stream other content from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac.

Alternatives for smart device lovers

Apple products can be great, but they can certainly ring in at high prices. If you don’t like or can’t afford Apple products, don’t worry! That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of budget-friendly alternatives out there calling your name. Here are some of our favorites:

Everyone knows the Amazon Echo as the infamous “Alexa” which she’ll respond to instantly if you call out her name. This is the perfect smart speaker for you to start with. Alexa will happily play your music, read the news, answer questions, start timers, and control other smart home devices like your cellphone.  

Amazon echo 01
PRICE: 99 $
google home
PRICE: 99 $

Get a whole new kind of entertainment with the Google Home. Coming in at the same competitive price as the Amazon Echo, the Google Home is your personalized, smart assistant for all your daily needs. Google Home can help with your schedule, set reminders, read you news, stream entertainment, or act as a speaker.

While slightly more expensive than the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, the Sonos One wireless speaker provides a quality option that doesn’t break the bank. It’ll connect to your home WiFi network and stream music to your heart’s content. You can also utilize a built-in Alexa voice as well that allows you to control all your apps and content from a distance. If you happen to have multiple Sonos speakers in your home, you can connect each of them wirelessly so that your home sound system is accessible no matter where you are in the house. 

sonos one
PRICE: 179 $

Wrapping up

While $349 might seem a little steep, the Apple HomePod isn’t the only option to integrate smart technology into your household. Smart speakers are a great way to ease into smart home gadgets, so take your time to figure out which one is right for you. Either way, know that you can find one that is well within your budget!

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