The living room is a face and a heart of our house, so no wonder we want to make this space special. To help you out a bit we consulted with professional designers and have prepared some useful tips.

Make the functions list

In order to properly plan the living room, you need to make for yourself a clear list of the functions that the room will perform. Do not overdo it in your desire to make the most of it: if there is a place for cabinets, tables, and knick-knacks, this does not mean that they are necessary here.


Decide how often you receive guests, and how you prefer to entertain – that way you’ll make the list of things you can’t do without in the living room: a rack for board games, a minibar, a cabinet with a player or a projector.

 It is equally important to think about the daily use of the room. If bookcases are located here, you need to arrange a place for reading (a couch or a chair and a lamp) next to it. 

In case you do not have a separate office than you might need a compact workplace and a socket for a laptop. If you know that you will often watch TV or movies on a projector, there should be a place for equipment and sockets for it.

devide into zones

Since the living room in most cases is the largest room in the apartment, you must carefully consider how to use it to the maximum.

In new buildings, where the shape of the rooms is closer to the square, it is simpler: the wide living room is easily divided into zones (a workplace, a sofa set, a library, a bar) with high shelving, a sofa and a console or, if there is room for a dining room, a dining table. If you don’t want to divide a square room or there is no need for that, it will be cosy anyway.

A little harder with this is in homes where the living room is long and narrow, and the furniture, arranged along the walls, further flattens the space. Such rooms should be divided and not necessarily in half: inside a rectangular room, you can separate a square area for receiving guests by placing a low cabinet or a sofa across it and use the remaining third as a library or study.

You can also zone with the help of carpets or wallpapers, for example, highlighting one of the walls with wallpaper with a rich pattern.

living room
Be careful with lighting

The living room lighting should be in harmony with its zoning: a couch area can be illuminated by an original ceiling lamp or a floor lamp, working and reading space should be provided with a direct light – floor or table lamps. If the window in the room is small, try not to close it with heavy curtains and let in the daylight as much as possible. 

Mirrors or furniture with mirror facades will help to make the room more light.

Perfect sofa set

The core of the living room is a sofa set. It’s not convenient to communicate for three people sitting in a row on a straight sofa. Instead of one long sofa, it is better to arrange one shorter sofa and a chair, and preferably two (or a chair and a pouf). 

If the apartment does not have a guest room, they also often take a sofa, which can accommodate the guest for the night. The presence of a folding mechanism, as a rule, makes the sofa less comfortable. The guest will leave, and the sofa will remain – remember this. Therefore, you need to choose the sofa carefully, weighing all the pros and cons.

living room with couch
no coffee time without coffee table

A coffee table is a full member of the sofa set. Not always, a coffee table can be of such size that everyone sitting around it on the couch and in the armchairs would be comfortable using it. Sometimes it is more convenient to put several different-sized coffee tables. Their height should be chosen taking into account the height of the sofa and armchairs.

TV or projector

A wide and flat TV is an indispensable attribute of a typical living room, despite the fact that almost every room in a modern apartment, including the bathroom and dressing room, is also equipped with a TV. If the TV is necessary and it cannot be hidden, find a place so that it does not interfere with communication. Let it not be visible from the table at which guests gather. 

An alternative to TV, even more conducive to communication, can be a projector. It allows you to turn watching a movie with friends into an atmospheric event.

storage for toys
Keep it tidy

Textiles on the windows are a daunting task! Replace curtains with shutters. To the height of the window or to the floor. 

If you have or will soon have children, then you should know: a scattered “Lego” or a traffic jam of 200 cars across the whole room looks very well in a modern, fashionable and cosy living room, but it is better to keep away dolls and stuffed toys from the living room.

In any case, the living room is not the room where the perpetual mess looks well – this is the most used part of the house and therefore requires especially careful maintenance. 

To facilitate this process, consider a daily plan for easy cleaning and a more thorough plan for cleaning once a month. But do not leave the cleaning equipment visible – nothing is as annoying as a broom sticking from behind the closet.

colored room
Less is more

Do not be too eager with artificial flavouring. Not everyone likes the smell of the sea breeze. Prefer flavoured candles that leave only a hint of smell. That way you will not seem intrusive, but you will add comfort to the area. Choose soft flavours, for example, vanilla or the smell of fresh baking.

Nevertheless, know that, like any other room in your house, it must first of all be to your taste!

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