There is no use having a beautiful space with no lighting to accentuate the ambiance and warmth of the atmosphere. Lighting is that element that makes every living space pop and just blends the room together. That is why we have brought you a list of beautiful lighting that goes from enhancing who you are to giving your space a unique character that’s you. So whether you are going for wall lights, sconces, chandelier, pendant or arc lamps, we have you covered.

- Floor Lamp with Marble Base ​ -
marble lamp
PRICE: 169.99$

Add some warmth, sophistication, and versatility with this elegant contemporary movable arc lamp. This two-drum shade with a stable marble base by Brightech Mason adds a simple yet modern touch to any room. It double-drum shape allow transfer of the right brightness unto any space and at a height of 22 inches with is a beautifully arched stainless pole that holds the 19 inches wide lamp holder.  To further add some stability to the design, Brightech added a solid marble base ensuring it doesn’t get knocked about easily. The best part of this lamp is the ability to move it around changing the look of a space instantly and effortlessly. The Mason allows you to enjoy 20,000 hours of light and comes with a 9.5 Watts 800 lumens LED bulb.

The Trilage sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the lighting by Brightech is another well thought of a design that plays with geometry, perspective, and style to create the perfect lighting system to wow any space in your home.

This three in one light have short cylindrical shades at different height giving your room an artistic look when on. At 74 inches high, the Trilage comes with a switch that allows you to play with how bright you want a room to be whether it dark and romantic to bright and buzzing; you have the power to control the number of bulbs on. This light is great for a study, sitting and dining area, bedroom or outdoor balcony. The Trilage is not dimmable and comes with a natural 3000 Kelvin color temperature and a durable 800 Lumen bulb that last for ages limiting the chances of a replacement any time soon.

- 3 LED Hanging Lights with Marble Base ​ -
PRICE: 159.99 $
- 18" 3-Light Metal Drum Chandelier​ -
kira home
PRICE: 87.99$

Change the appearance of your living space with this 18 inches drum shape chandelier with chrome finish Celtic pattern over a glass shade with stainless steel hanging rod. If you are a chandelier lover, then this sleek, stylish and sexy light is a better look from the conventional, heavy, and large chandelier. The Kira Sienna is a 3-light bulb chandelier is 19 inches high and  17.5 inches wide and deep with some features that work well with any ceiling – straight or sloped. This dimmable lighting is easy to install and great chic light for your foyer, kitchen, dining room, reading room, and living space with the adjustable hanging rod allowing you to adjust the height in any space in your home.

Get your kitchen, bar, and dining area looking fly with these three elegant crystal studded light shades that will enhance and change the ambiance of your living space at the twinkle of an eye.

Although it arrives three in a box, the LaLuLa are separated allowing you to arrange them as you wish to create beautiful lighting patterns in your space. The lights come with an adjustable 39.3 inch cord with a stainless steel round base that attaches to the ceiling. The pendant light is 7.87 inches height and 5.9 inches wide at the roundest part.  You don’t have to worry about the crystals making the room bright, it is built to enhance lighting and take away that disco feel of a party house. It is a great piece of shades for any indoor space.

- White Modern Chandeliers 1 Light Ceiling Lights 3 Pack​ -
PRICE: $109.67 $
- Etagere Organize Storage Shelf Floor Lamp with Linen Shade ​ -
PRICE: 43.20$

The world is getting smaller and so are living spaces;  this Simple Design Home double purpose home accessory is the perfect chic lighting that embodies the old drag switch design with modern craftsmanship to deliver an excellent contemporary piece in your home.

This 10-pound lighting shelf is an interior deco on its own has clean lines with black linen shade that contrast the bright light emitting from the bulb.

Use anywhere around the home to create a simple and elegant piece that complements your current deco. Its three storage shelf allows you to add other decorative materials that enhance your space without overcrowding it. So if you are up for a deco piece that screams fabulous, you know where to look.

We like one, appreciate two, but three lamps- we are in love. Get in touch with your Victorian side in this modern lamp design with a push to on button to reveal this elegant, dark, brushed rod that holds a white fabric shade that adds some finesse to your living space. Two small lamps are excellent on the nightstand or personal office space, and the floor lamp can serve as a corner light in the living room. The table lamps and floor are 22.5 and 62.5 inches height with a diameter of 10 and 15 inches. It uses LED  bulb,  that are included in the pack.

Lighting is the basic element that ties the interior decor of a house, getting the right lights doesn’t have to break the bank. The above will give you an idea on how to jazz up your space with beautiful and elegantly looking accessories. Furthermore, always purchase lighting that enhances your character or the ambiance you are trying to create, this way you will enjoy the space for a long time.

- Modern Brushed Steel (3 LED Bulbs included) by Lavish Home ​-
3 lamps set
PRICE: 166.99 $

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